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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Closer to Immigration Reform

On March 21, thousands of people will march for immigration reform in Washington, D.C. It is past time for the government to treat undocumented immigrants with the same respect the counrty's revered "founding fathers" demanded from King George as they sought to create new opprotunities here.
Here, where there were already peoples across the land who were massacted in the name of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. History is complicated; there are no easy summaries of how we got here. No Doris Day-Rock Hudson romances. No nationalist flag-waving answers.  But here we are now, and it's time that the law-abiding residents of the United States who do not have visas, get a fair crack at the dream. 
Most came here precisely as a result of oppressive U.S. foreign policy in their native countries. Yet, most harbor no rage at what was done to their families and other ancestors. They just want to live in peace, raise their families, and never know hunger or the rumble of militia footsteps coming around the bend again. 
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