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About Me

Natalia Muñoz is an award-winning journalist who has worked in her native Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States as a reporter, editor and columnist for English- and Spanish-language newspapers, magazines and online media. books. She produces La Prensa of Western Massachusetts (, a place where arts, blogs, culture, media and politics take center stage. Her 2005 story in The (Springfield MA) Republican on how a split-second decision dramatically altered the lives of two families was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. 
As a result of the global economic crisis produced by the likes of astounding greed by Wall Street henchmen (who were allowed to rob banks and people by the likes of W et al), she founded Verdant Multicultural Media, a culturally competent communications and marketing company dedicated to doing meaningful work that addresses health disparities, poverty and education.
She writes op-eds when she has time, and occasionally files stories on culture for The New York Daily News, both its English flagship and Viva, its Spanish-language cousin.
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